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God Hates Us All | Hank Moody

Anticipation almost always makes everything suck.

It’s my own fault, I put this high expectation on this book to be a serious read, something to be remembered. I wanted to like this book more than I actually did though.

This book was Hank Moody’s game changer, put him on the map, was critically acclaimed, was even responsible for him having his own TV show...


I just wanted the cheat notes on how to do this myself obviously. I like David Duchovny I like Californication.

I knew it wouldn’t be a book about the show. But I thought the book was going to be an insight into I don’t know, Hank’s hidden genius? Insight into a character, not just Hanks but everyone around him as well ?

You can tell a lot about a person by what they like to read. At the least, if I got nothing from it - no insight or deeper understanding - I was expecting a good story. But not so much. It was about as deep as a two-day Jersey Shore marathon. Superficial entertainment, trying hard to shock. Left me eye rolling and hating everyone.

Womp womp.

#BookReview #GodHatesUsAll #Goodreads #HankMoody

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