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A Comparative Book Review | Carrie | By Stephen King

I’m almost ashamed to write that I haven’t read “Carrie” until now.


I saw the movies. Same thing right?

Not even once.

I really liked the movies though – but then books do what books do.

Wreck movies. They are the information packed version of the watered down oatmeal that is the movie.

So now whenever I watch the movie I am forced into admission of that shit not being anything like the book.

None of the movie adaptations – 1976, 2002 (on Netflix, with every B- actor that comes to mind), & 2013 did they get it right.

(My boys and I watched all three back to back one weekend. I took the opportunity to teach them all what a “period” was and what to expect from a woman once they got theirs… it was fun. I don’t think they will be interested in having girlfriends for very long time.)

The 2002 version used more details from the novel than the other versions, from prom theme, to dialogue.

But all of the movies casted a pretty little white girl, that in the end, just needed a little make-up to transform.

Carrie was not little or white.

She’s described as dark, hair and nipples. She’s pudgy, covered in acne. I know that that all of that doesn’t really seem to matter. But it does. As Carrie gains control of her abilities she sheds the weight, her skin clears…

Book Carrie had more than an infusion of confidence from a boy to transform. Book Carrie was magic. Once she discovered her ability, her thoughts became more powerful.

Her will to be her own person became stronger. Not because of going to the dance with some fuck boy, because she was no longer afraid.

She knew she could crush them all if they fucked around. Book Carrie was more bad ass than movie Carrie – even if it was just in her inner dialogue for most of the book.

They story is good. (duh!)

The writing?


“(!!!!!!!)” You fucking madman. Broken rules. Broken rules everywhere.

“(CARRIE jesus not to kill her CARRIE didn’t mean to kill her CARRIE billy I don’t CARRIE want to CARRIE see it CA) and Carrie herself.”

… some of it was uh, difficult to read… lol

But it still beats the shit outta the drivel that I produce so…

I say read it. Not because it’s the best but because it is a strong root to some good psychological horror.

To see more of what I'm reading, you can add me on Goodreads - M.M. Dos Santos.

Art By : Laz Maquez

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