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Big Little Lies | By Liane Moriarty

Although what I write is usually a little dark,

a little sad,

and a little scary, I try to keep what I read really diverse.

I read anything and everything - or at least try to.

I really appreciate it when people recommend books for me, I've read some really amazing books off recommendations that I typically would have never picked for myself.

Moriarty's 'Big Little Lies' is a perfect example of this.

I wouldn't have gone out of my way to read a book about "a bunch of crazy moms". But I’m glad I did.

I immediately liked her characters. Their dialogue was witty and engaging without feeling forced and set up. It all came off really genuine, and real. I knew these moms, and I’m sure you will too.

Early in the book my motivation for reading was because the character I liked most (no names, no spoilers) was apparently going to be killed off – and I just couldn’t have that – it would have been a true injustice, but I wouldn’t have hated Moriarty if she had

*ahem* killed her darling.

I didn’t trust some characters, mostly the quiet ones…and their kids, but that’s more reflective of me and my personality, it was enjoyable to have that added vested interest.

Through and through, all of my predictions were wrong, Moriarty kept me guessing till the end, with big surprises and deep messages I wouldn’t have ended the book any other way than it did…I would have maybe been a little more violent and little more descriptive … but that, again says more about me…

Great read – going to recommend it to all the (crazy ass) moms that I know and love.

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