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The Hellbound Heart | By Clive Barker

“Day in, day out. Used to try and dream the agonies away. But you can’t. Take it from me. You can’t. They have to be endured.”

Holy crap, what did I just read, and where can I get more? The Hellbound Heart is an amazing book – 5 stars all the way.

Take your time, don’t rush through the prose. After I finished reading the first chapter with an idea of what was coming, I put the book down just so that I could digest all that was laid out in front of me.

This novella is packed with a huge amount of insight on human condition and how we perceive and understand our pleasures. Barker was



there was no escaping his imagery.

The details provided left me unable to dumb down any scene I deemed too gory. It dragged me off to places I didn’t want to go, and at the end of a scene, at the end of a chapter I would realize a truth. About myself, about life.

Fucking amazing.

Frank who had had everything, was bored and still wanted more. Show me something I have never seen. Let me do something I have never done. How often do you let something you want, destroy you bit by bit, just so that you can have it?

If you’re my friend, you got this book for Christmas. I went to two different stores in the nearest city to me and bought every copy.

Clive Barker – you are the horror writer I have been looking for. Thank you so much!

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