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The Eighth Day Vol. 1 | SNEAK PEEK

On the seventh day, after the creation of mankind, God stepped back to rest, watch.

I don’t know who did it first. Whether we poisoned you, our insight and powers corrupting your innocence, or if you infected our divinity with your basic nature and primal instincts. I know from watching that the ones who don’t deny God today blame us, blame one. But it did not happen this way.

The infection of evil began.

Every generation that man lived through, evil’s roots grew deeper into the Earth, bred deeper into humanity, distorting and destroying man’s psyche.

On the Eighth Day, God abandoned us.

A ritual taught by my kind — a desperate ritual, a ritual that should have never been shared — being practiced by a congregation of humans who remembered their ancestors and our teachings…

This was the opportunity I needed.

During a time of the red moon, I set my course for Earth and descended in a flash of light into a deep dark wood…

Excerpt for The Eighth Day Vol. 1 | Copyright M. M. Dos Santos

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